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"I first visited Hannah for a 'taster' session of reflexology in the autumn of 2014 and knew immediately that this was for me. I felt extremely relaxed and 'cared for' during the treatment and good afterwards.

Before Christmas I went down with a very nasty flu virus which recurred four times between then and March and I was extremely low. When I felt able to I made an appointment with Hannah and that was the start of my recovery. She said that my immune system had taken a severe battering but she was confident I would gradually return to full strength. I had regular weekly treatments and after the third felt much more like my old self. I have now decided to continue with these sessions on a regular basis, perhaps monthly I will see, in order to try to maintain a good level of fitness. I do not want to get as low as I was in March again, and with Hannah's help I am sure I have a better chance of achieving this aim.

Thank you Hannah! I would definitely recommend your treatment."


“I have been receiving Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) treatment from Hannah Ware at Offington Therapies for the past six months. During that time there has been a significant improvement in my condition with a noticeable reduction in swelling of the affected area from the outset. I find the sessions extremely relaxing and therapeutic and despite my original intention of undertaking just a short course of intensive treatment I feel that the benefits are so good that I am continuing with the sessions on a monthly basis”.

"I have been treated by Hannah since she started her training and have seen her progress and grow into a confident and proficient reflexologist. Her working practices are confidential, caring and hygienic. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hannah."

"I had visited another reflexologist in the past and wasn't very impressed but I decided to try another therapist and I'm so glad that I did.

I have been suffering from stomach pains for years and seen many different medical professionals and alternative therapists before without any luck, diagnosis or relief. A friend of mine recommended reflexology and after visiting one practice I decided to try someone else and visited Hannah at Offington Therapies. She is a very welcoming person and made me feel at ease straight away, the surroundings were relaxing and she explained everything to me before the treatment started.

I have now completed a medium length course and feel a lot better physically and also less anxious about my condition.

I will 100% be re-visiting Hannah in the future if the need arises."


“Hannah Ware 1 – NHS 0."

In September 2013 I went to my GP as I had tingling and numbness in my feet and lower legs which had been going on for about 3 weeks. After various inconclusive tests he referred me to a Neurologist. In December the Neurologist organised blood tests and an electrical test. By the time the results of these tests were available and an appointment made to see the Neurologist it was April 2014. He decided to repeat some of the tests. I was getting very frustrated at not getting any sort of diagnosis or finding out whether the condition was treatable. In desperation I thought I would try reflexology as I reasoned wiggling my feet around couldn’t do any harm and might do some good. I saw an advert for Hannah Ware in the Worthing Journal so gave her a try. I was really surprised when after just one treatment I started getting a little bit of feeling back in my feet. This is not something you can “imagine” – I could actually feel whether I was standing on carpet or bare floor. There have been improvements after nearly every treatment and the feeling I have regained has never been lost again. As to the Neurologist, I made the mistake of telling him in August that there had been improvement because of the reflexology so he has repeated the tests and wants to see me in February 2015 – still no diagnosis! Hannah has also been able to help with other minor ailments that I have had from time to time. I should also mention that the treatment is extremely relaxing and Hannah is a very caring and compassionate person. I love my “me” time with her. When my premium bond comes up with the big one I shall book a weekly session for as far ahead as Hannah will allow.”


"I have been suffering for some time with pain down my left side. Whilst working on my feet, Hannah was able to establish that it might be related to my sciatic nerve. This made total sense and I am now able to seek solutions to a long-term problem."

"Had an amazing session thanks to Hannah. Super relaxing and felt lovely afterwards. Thank you x"

"Excellent service provider. Highly recommend. Hannah's lovely spirit and gentle nature work wonders on you! . Wonderful to have such a service local to Worthing."

"When I first saw Hannah last summer she was a breath of fresh air as I no longer needed to control my fibromyalgia with medication due to Hannah sorting all my pain and sleepless nights through her amazing healing hands on my feet.. Thank you Hannah.. Xx"

"Facial Reflexology is a truly amazing experience. It released my stress and tension from the first session. I felt so relaxed, like floating into a happy space. With subsequent sessions, pain in my neck and shoulder was greatly reduced and then disappeared, the effect is lasting. An extra bonus was my face looked so much better. Hannah you are a wonderful person. Kind, caring and so professional in your therapeutic skills. I can highly recommend Facial Reflexology with you"

"My reflexology sessions with Hannah were a wonderful boost to me emotionally and physically. Hannah's warmth, concern and understanding added to the experience. Her skill and sensitivity are truly relaxing and uplifting and my sessions helped so much to balance me through a very painful emotional time. A lady with a beautiful soul. Thank you Hannah"

"I first made contact with Hannah after I was going through some work stresses, learning to drive and trying for a baby. My manager actually suggested Reflexology as it is good for stress, I had nothing to lose and googled Reflexology in Worthing and booked an appointment. I have to say that I was very emotional when I first met Hannah and burst into tears on her before I could ever say my own name, she reassured me, took her time to listen to my life's issues and had empathy. It was the best thing I have ever done as it gave me time for me which I never did before. I also do not like people touching my feet, but Hannah is so good and experienced that I actually relaxed! Since I have been attending my appointments everything has been positive. I've got a new job, am a lot more confident with my driving lessons and I feel positive about things to come. I could not recommend Hannah enough, so down to earth, a real people person and she loves her job. Thank you Hannah "

"Where shall I start... Hannah, you have a unique way to understand how the body and mind need to work with empathy and care through your therapies. Many times no words need to be exchanged as you are able to detect an area that is either painful or in need of attention. I always leave feeling lifted and know I will remain in a more positive state of mind and with a refreshed body. You not only offer therapies, you provide guidance on how to improve your wellbeing and go that extra mile to seek further information. You are able to provide a confidential and safe environment to relax and unwind where you can loose yourself for the time you are there. I would recommend anyone to try one of the therapies as you will return for many more."

"I am a carer for my husband and my Reflexology sessions with Hannah have given me renewed energy and a feeling of general wellbeing. She has many therapeutic skills which she undertakes in a friendly, professional way in calming surroundings. In addition, she has been a sympathetic listener to my role as carer and provided me with tips for combating stress and sleepless nights. All round lovely lady"

"I met Hannah for my first Reflexology session in December 2015. She immediately put me at my ease and was very kind and caring. I was at a particularly low point in my life, but Hannah gave me the confidence that my health and emotional wellbeing could improve. My first few sessions were weekly, but I now see Hannah every month or so. I'm sleeping much better and my physical symtoms aare far less troublesome. I enjoy the sessions very much, and always leave feeling relaxed and cared for. I'm emotionally stronger and feel confident about the future. I would be happy to highly recommend Hannah"

" I saw Hannah 5 weeks ago for my first ever Reflexology session. I decided to do it as I have had many positive recommendations about reflexology and the good that can come out of it.

It took me a while to research more on it and decide who I should go to. I luckily chose Hannah and would never go elsewhere. She is fantastic. I was very stressed when I came to Hannah for the first time. My past had crept up with me and I chose to let it get to me which caused a roller ball of issues starting with chest pains then stomach pains all being investigated by doctors to eliminate anything concerning. Turned out they were minor and treatment was available but all the uncertainty had already got to me and I of course worried as these were new symptoms which I have never had before and had lasted quite a while.

Ever since I’ve seen Hannah I have made vast improvements every week with every session. My stress levels have completely gone down and I believe if nothing is worth worrying about then don’t let it worry you as stress is a major factor to a lot of illnesses and I refuse to get myself into that state of mind ever again thanks to the wonderful Hannah. She has taught me breathing techniques also which I swear by and recommend to friends/family.

My stomach pains have pretty much gone and chest pain. My immune system has definitely also boosted. I have never had hayfever/sinus issues before either but I did last week and kept getting headaches/migraines along with sore eyes. One session with Hannah and she cured it. I have nearly reached the end of my treatment with Hannah but will be continuing to go there maintaining the reflexes once every month. I will never look back and this is definitely the best decision I have ever made to take part in reflexology. It works wonders and it helps even more having an amazing/wise and strong lady to do it for you. It is a very relaxing and enjoyable treatment and I always look forward to my next appointment. It’s a great way to unwind as well as feeling better and relieving all tension and toxins.

I would recommend Hannah Ware to anybody and everybody. You will not regret it, she really does have magic fingers.

Thank you Hannah


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