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Facial Reflexology is not just a beauty treatment. However, it does have rather lovely beautifying side effects in addition to reducing stress.

The face will feel and look smoother and more toned as the circulation is increased and muscle tension is reduced. Some clients call it their ‘mini Face-lift’ as it helps to strengthen layers of skin tissue and improve skin tone. Over a series of sessions there may be a reduction in lines and wrinkles, helping clients to feel good and look good! All of this is in addition to stimulating the body’s healing mechanisms and encouraging the body to eliminate toxins.

The face provides a beautiful and precise tool to read what is going on within the body's internal organs and systems. The face's proximity to the brain is key to the effectiveness of manipulating facial reflex points which directly connect to the body's neuro-pathways. The unique benefit of Facial Reflexology is that it may improve your health and wellbeing on the inside whilst also helping you to look better and younger with a healthy glow on the outside.

I have been fortunate to be trained by Ziggie Bergman, a pioneer in modern Facial Reflexology and Advanced Facelift Massage, who has carried out years of extensive research as a teacher, therapist and client in visiting clinics and spas in Japan, Borneo, Thailand, USA and Europe before combining the very best and most effective movements into one seamless and wonderful therapy.

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