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""Excellent service provider. Highly recommended, Hannah's lovely spirit and gentle nature work wonders on you! Wonderful to have such a service local to Worthing" Mrs L, Worthing

When Was The Last Time You Stopped And Did Nothing?

Are you stressed?
Do you sleep badly?
Do you have many strings to your bow?
Do you have specific medical needs?

These are very interesting questions to ask yourself.

If the answers to the above questions are YES, then you are in the right place!

Women, in particular, are incredible at juggling lots of balls at the same time. If we wrote down everything that we do each day for a week, we would be amazed at how versatile we can be and how many different hats we wear.

We also put the people that are important to us before ourselves. This comes naturally, the maternal instinct kicks in but, when we fail to look after ourselves, we are not able to look after the ones we love. Therefore, that is why looking after ourselves is SO very important. Taking just an hour each month or every couple of weeks to stop and focus on JUST you is vital. You are not being selfish, in fact you are STILL putting others before you, because they will benefit from you taking time out of a hectic and stressful life.

I learnt this life lesson the hard way. In 2010 as I was diagnosed with breast cancer, just five months after marrying my husband, Simon. Following a grueling nine months of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, I finished my treatment the day before our first wedding anniversary. Shortly after this life changing time, I discovered complementary therapies, in particular reflexology and have never looked back.

Reflexology has SO many benefits … it can help relax, repair, recharge and restore by encouraging a natural balance between mind and body, thus creating a overall sense of wellbeing. For more information on the therapies I offer, click on the below links:-

If you have any questions or would like an informal chat before booking an appointment, please do get in touch.


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